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April 1, 2015

New Website -

Clyde, OH – ACA Enterprises today announced the launch of a redesigned web site, The new site spotlights the Knuckle Buster® brand and enables quick access to product benefits. Other changes include:

1) New look and updated photos

2) Access to training videos

3) Enriched content

4) Highlights of the advantages of working with ACA

“We are excited to introduce this site, said Frank Casarona, Partner at ACA Enterprises. “It is designed to enhance the experience of interacting with us while reinforcing brand identity.” Customers can conveniently navigate the site and learn more about the many benefits of using Knuckle Buster® microfiber, as well as working with ACA Enterprises.

Founded in 2009, ACA Enterprises is a leader in microfiber cleaning products. The company offers a wide range of Knuckle Buster® microfiber products and services.

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