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Green Cleaning

Green cleaning effectively cleans while reducing environmental impact, creating a healthier space to live and work. ACA's Knuckle Buster® microfiber products can help meet the goals of your green cleaning program.

Green Cleaning

Knuckle Buster® Green Cleaning Features

  • 100% microfiber, no plastic backing
  • Mop bases with replaceable parts
  • Color-coded system — easy to recognize for specific uses
  • Reduced chemical and water usage
Cross-section of microfiber and cotton threads. microfiber leaves no residue contrary to cotton.

Cross-section of microfiber and cotton threads. Microfiber leaves no residue contrary to cotton.

Knuckle Buster® Performance

  • Improved cleaning — lifts and traps dirt
  • Leaves no residue or lint
  • Independent tests demonstrate:
    • 99.5% reduction in Staphylococcus aureus (ATCC 6538) and...
    • 99.7% reduction in E. Coli (ATCC 11229)
  • Less effort to use

Knuckle Buster® Sustainability

  • Reduces overall chemical and water use
  • Less soiled water returned to waste stream


Microfiber has no certification; however, recognized certification agencies mention microfiber use in cleaning standards. For example:

GS-49 Standard, Residential Cleaning Services, Edition 1.1, July 12, 2013

  • 2.2 Cleaning Tools and Equipment.

    • 2.2.1 Maintenance. All cleaning tools and equipment shall be cleaned and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
    • 2.2.2 Durable Tools. Microfiber mop heads, cloths and dusters, or other durable and reusable products, shall be used for all feasible residential cleaning purposes. The service provider may use alternate tools for specialized cleaning functions (e.g., chandelier cleaning, oven cleaning), when evidence is provided for necessity of the alternate tool. 2.2.3 Cross Contamination.
    • Coding. An understandable coding system for cleaning cloths, mop heads, and tools shall be in place in order to prevent cross contamination (e.g., color coding).

GS-42 Standard, Commercial and Institutional Cleaning Services, Edition 2.1, July 12, 2013

  • 4.2 Reducing Solid Waste. Cleaning Service Providers shall:
    • 4.2.1 Purchase chemical products and supplies in quantities that minimize the amount of packaging and container waste generated.
    • 4.2.2 Whenever practicable, use reusable cleaning cloths or microfiber technology in lieu of paper products. Within 2 hours of use, dispose of, rinse, or place in a sealable container (i.e., metal flammable rag canister, locking plastic bag, etc.) that minimizes evaporation of cleaning product from all cleaning towels, cloths, and materials. Reusable cleaning cloths or microfiber must be cleaned or laundered prior to reuse.