Our Knuckle Buster® microfiber product line meets the high cleaning demands of any healthcare facility, providing high quality microfiber at affordable prices.

Knuckle Buster® has been selected for use at some of the largest and most prestigious hospital systems in the country.

The 2008 Center for Disease Control guidelines for disinfection and sterilization in healthcare facilities recognize the potential benefits of the microfiber mopping system. These benefits include decreased possibility of transferring microbes from room to room while reducing and preventing hospital acquired infections.

A case study at the University of California Davis Medical Center (UCDMC) in Sacramento demonstrated three measurable economic benefits of microfiber mops versus conventional wet mops*:

  • 60% lifetime cost savings for mops
  • 95% reduction in chemical costs associated with mopping tasks
  • 20% labor savings per day

* EPA Best practices for HealthCare Facilities, November 2002


Knuckle Buster® microfiber has all the special features that make it ideal for the Restaurant and Food Supply industries.

Its superior ability to clean, coupled with streak-free and lint-free finishing keep any surface hygienic and sparkling, from floors to tabletops to kitchen appliances and bars.


Our Knuckle Buster® product line combines high quality at affordable prices. Many janitorial and industrial supply companies find that microfiber offers numerous benefits:

  • Cleaning improvements
  • Economic savings
  • More friendly environmental footprint
  • Preferred labor and worker health features


We provide Knuckle Buster® microfiber to many different institutions, from the Automotive and Hospitality industries to Educational Facilities, such as Schools, Colleges and Universities. Its non-abrasive streak-free properties make it a superior choice for almost any cleaning challenge. We have a consistent supply of microfiber products that can meet the cleaning needs of most customers.

Educational Facilities

Automotive Industries

Hospitality Industries