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August 1, 2016

ACA Enterprises to Adhere RFID Chips on Microfiber Products

To help laundry customers track their product through the cleaning process, ACA Enterprises offers the capability to adhere Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips to Knuckle Buster® microfiber flat mops. The RFID chips enable mops to be scanned for accurate counting of the mops. “We are excited to offer this service”, said Darrin Allen, Partner with ACA. “We have customers that want these chips adhered to our microfiber flat mops as it will help our customers provide advantages when working with their customers.” Customers supply the chips that are placed on the mops through a heat process. Very soon the chips will be implanted directly into the mop during the manufacturing process.

Founded in 2009, ACA Enterprises is a leader in microfiber cleaning products. The company offers a wide range of Knuckle Buster® microfiber products and services. For more information:

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