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September 12, 2019

ACA Enterprises Celebrates 10 Years

To employees, vendors, customers, THANK YOU!

Clyde, OH – ACA Enterprises is celebrating it's 10th year in business marketing Knuckle Buster® brand microfiber and cleaning products.
"These last 10 years has been very exciting, said partner Frank Casarona. "To see our growth over the years which includes product additions, building expansions, service expansions, employee additions and our customer's growth has been very rewarding."
We have our vendors and customers to thank for their continued support and trust in our products and company. "The loyalty from our customers has been outstanding", said partner Darrin Allen. Working together we have accomplished more each year and look to the future of continued growth and opportunity.

Founded in 2009, ACA Enterprises is a leader in microfiber cleaning products. The company offers a wide range of Knuckle Buster® microfiber products and services.

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